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Meeting a living legend

I’ve just returned home after a week away and I’ve described some of the independence related observations in another post. But the complete highlight of the week was meeting one of the unsung heroes of the independence movement, John Jappy. … Continue reading

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750 mile whistle stop tour

The wee blue #YesPleaseVan has returned home to Aberdeen after its hols (yes, I know, bad timing to be away on holiday right now…) and I thought I would provide a bit of an update on what I saw. I’ve … Continue reading

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Know your enemy by the friends they keep

There is a photograph doing the rounds on Twitter which was taken at the Jim Murphy Roadshow in Aberdeen this Tuesday.     Jim Murphy MP, senior Labour Party man (made famous yesterday by having an egg thrown at him … Continue reading

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The Russians are coming!

I have just had the misfortune to stumble over this piece of garbage ‘Why Independence Could Put Scotland In Danger Of Russian Invasion’ by James Cook, a ‘European Technology Reporter’ apparently. I haven’t given anyone a doin’ recently, I’m bored … Continue reading

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Meeting Nicola at Jim’s Travelling Circus

I really should have written this last night but since Monday’s debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling the Twittersphere has been going completely mental with positive, up-beat pro-independence messages and it has been nigh on impossible to drag myself … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes

My alert readers will have noted that, while I have been reblogging many excellent articles by other writers, it has been some time since I wrote anything of particular note of my own. There are several reasons for this which … Continue reading

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500 miles and 500 more (plus another 100 for good measure)

Hardcore readers of the blog (I think there are three) will have noticed an absence of posts in the past week or so. With 50 days to go before the referendum it seems like a poor time to take a … Continue reading

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