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Meeting a living legend

I’ve just returned home after a week away and I’ve described some of the independence related observations in another post. But the complete highlight of the week was meeting one of the unsung heroes of the independence movement, John Jappy. … Continue reading

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A collection of arguments supporting Scottish independence

A truly excellent piece of work on the issues surrounding the independence debate. One for the Undecided and No voters to have a good read over.  

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Introducing John Jappy

I’ve mentioned John Jappy several times in previous articles, but I would like to take time to highlight the man a little further. Mr Jappy is a former senior civil servant who has seen the Treasury’s ‘books’ as far back … Continue reading

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If it wasn’t for the oil…

In my previous post, Beware of snippets and soundbites, I linked to BBC Question Time from 15th May: One particular snippet that caught my ear was at 46:56, when a gentleman in the audience offers this comment, “ One … Continue reading

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