A primer on the SNP for all the new members and especially those ex-labour members.

Some SNP history here for the soon to be initiated.

The man of independent mind.

The SNP is not a socialist party but it was founded by a socalist and we have many socialist members, you will feel right at home.

The best why to get to grips with the SNP is to review the history of SNP. In 1886 Robert Cunninghame-Graham a socialist stood in the general election as liberal candidate for Lanarkshire advocating:

the abolition of the House of Lords
universal suffrage
the nationalisation of land, mines and other industries
free school meals
disestablishment of the Church of England
Scottish Home Rule
the establishment of an eight-hour-day

Basically this is what the SNP stands for today and can be summed up in this image, except the temperance. But the fear of it is no doubt why Charles Kennedy isn’t a member.


Cunninghame-Graham won the election and became the UK’s first Socialist MP. Two years later he and Keir Hardie founded the Scottish Labour…

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Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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