The Hitchhikers’ Guide To Scottish Independence (Part 4 – Economics)

Do you want to understand the economics of currency unions and Sterlingisation? Read this. Scotland, you have no idea how wealthy our little country is.

The Babel Fish

Yes, we have come in this, part four of my ‘Hitchhikers’ Guide’ series, to the bit about economics. For some in this debate it’s all about the economics. For others that is a base consideration which shouldn’t matter. We have been told by the ‘No’ campaign that the economic argument is already won. By them no less! This despite their almost complete lack of serious engagement in the debate, and a very great number of proven falsehoods from UK government sources. So what do we really know? Will we be better or worse off? What kind of economy will an independent Scotland have? And what are the potential economic consequences of a ‘No’ vote?

Now, before your eyes start to glaze over let me assure you that I intend to do this without simply throwing numbers at you, and as far as possible without using economic jargon. Where I do…

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Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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