So this is it

In fact if you were a hair more cynical you’d maybe come to the not unreasonable conclusion that this was an empty, shallow and fear driven bribe. There’s a minor problem with this con though and the Westminster suits are praying the people of Scotland won’t notice what it is.

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Samuel Miller (Macart)

It’s decision time. Three years of debate, miles of newsprint, mountains of leaflets, ‘think tank’ reports, government papers, countless hours of broadcast argument and it’s finally come down to this: Who do you believe and who do you trust?

Do you know we’re now being offered *powers and a timetable? I’ve even heard the odd *commentator use the term constitutional convention and that’s without them spitting to one side immediately afterward. Amazing I know, but there you have it. After three hundred and seven years and with a matter of days to go to this country’s most important vote ever and NOW we are guaranteed that Westminster will propose new powers, draft a bill or two and talk about further democratic mechanisms. This after the first postal votes have already started to be cast and returned. Stable doors and horses bolting come to…

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