(It is likely that…) Independence will bring a bigger dividend than even the Yes campaign predict

Beautifully and simply spelled out, why Scotland can more than afford to become independent.

But on the issue of pensions, it occurs to me that because so many young Scots leave to be replaced by retiring English folk, the life-expectancy figures are probably skewed upwards by the healthy, wealthy southerners coming north and dying later. So not only are the Scots subsidising the English pension pot by dying younger, they are probably dying even younger (on average) than the figures already suggest.

The Science of Independence

Posted by Euan Bennet on 26/08/2014

This is a piece that I’ve had the idea for for a while. Some of the “hidden” benefits of independence have been discussed elsewhere, such as the fact that £billions of defence spending allocated as “in Scotland” actually never comes near Scotland. That’s been quantified in the White Paper as a defence spend of £2.5billion will be £1billion less than is currently allocated, but about £1billion MORE than is actually spent – regardless of the purpose that’s an extra billion quid a year stimulating the economy. On top of that we will actually have proper defences for the first time in years, and kick Trident the fuck out of here.

Speaking of Trident, that’s another £160 million per year saving for Scotland – not including the planned £100billion replacement cost that Westminster is immorally choosing to spend a fortune on when 20% of children…

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