Why I’m voting YES

I must admit to having a wee bias towards Cameron McNeish. I have long enjoyed his outdoor programmes and books but it is my childhood memories of him and his family long before he became a TV star that mean most to me.

But that doesn’t mean he is worth listening to or reading simply because I like him. His words are worth something because they are heartfelt, honest and compassionate towards all those living in Scotland. This is the Scotland that I, too, want to live in (failing that I am already planning on heeding his advice and moving to Ireland!). Please read on…

CAMERON McNEISH, Writer & Television Presenter

SOMEONE said to me recently that Alex Salmond has “divided a nation” with the independence referendum, but if division is about discussion, about debate, even friendly argument, with so many people engaged in something as important as the future direction of my country, then I’m absolutely all for it.

I heard someone discuss this on the radio the other morning and he said his family were Italian – and they often have loud, vociferous family arguments about kinds of things – but they still loved each other… 

I think it’s wonderful that a small nation like Scotland can reach this point in considering its future direction with what has been a campaign of hope, optimism and positivity.

But before I set out my reasons for voting Yes I should remind folk that I’m not a politician – mind you, that’s not stopped Danny Alexander from becoming First Secretary to the…

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Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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