Wood, oil, and spooky coincidence

Sir Ian Wood coming out for No was about as surprising as the sun rising this morning; all I wondered about when I heard was what took him so long. What is surprising is that this business man of considerable ability would risk his reputation by fudging his own figures so willingly. But then you find that he has an interest in shale gas (ie. fracking) and you become less surprised. And that is before you even consider if Sir Ian is going to become Lord Sir Ian…

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Andrew Morton

Sir Ian Wood has dramatically, if not unexpectedly, intervened on behalf of the No campaign over the question of Scottish oil reserves. He has berated Alicsammin for getting his sums wrong and relying on a figure for oil reserves given in a highly dubious report authored by, erm, Sir Ian Wood. Magnus Gardham in the Herald assures us that Sir Ian is an honourable man so clearly his motives for this action must be entirely above board.

It has been said by those on the Yes side of the argument that Sir Ian Wood is not neutral, that he is a well known supporter of the Conservative party, that he opposed the Scotland Act in 1979 and that he threatened to move his company to England if Scotland voted Yes in 1997. All of this may or may not be true, I certainly don’t…

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