Mythbusting with evidence 2 – Why the Scottish Parliament can literally never become as corrupt as Westminster

“[T]he Scottish Parliament works in such a way that it is literally impossible for corruption to develop to the levels that are found in the bricks at Westminster. A bold claim? Not really: there are three very simple reasons and three very good case studies to consider.”

The Science of Independence

Posted by Euan Bennet on 22/08/2014

With four weeks to go until the referendum, Yes voters took over Twitter yesterday with the hastag “#YesBecause”, which was trending worldwide within a couple of hours of its inception, and top of the UK trending list for most of the day. A fantastic wave of optimism and hope demonstrating the arguable beginnings of a groundswell of Yes support, which reached people all over the world. The “unfiltered reality” of the campaign was displayed and the mainstream media even picked up on it. 

As usual, the internet being the internet, some of the comments in response to this campaign were ill-informed, insulting, and infantile. One of the comments I spotted reminded me of a blog post I had planned a while ago, so the negativity of internet bampots has been useful for once. The comment was along the lines of “all politicians are corrupt…

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