Maintaining momentum in the race for independence

“There’s a real opportunity here to make opinions count, make actions accountable and make worthwhile changes to society so it is all-inclusive, empowering and prosperous for all. I want to be able to say someday “you know what?, i was there when this happened, and i helped a little to make it happen because i knew it was the right thing to do for you, my family, my friends and everyone else who lives in this country.”

The way to win this Yes vote is to have that self-belief that we can do a better job, we can shape a better future and we can create more prosperity as an independent nation and when we wake up on the 19th September, we can say “right, we did it, now we have the world’s eyes on us, we know what we’re capable of achieving, we have the potential and diligence to succeed in anything we do, let’s dispel every single doubt people had and conquer every fear someone expressed. This is our time to shine, this is our country to take responsibility with and let’s do it with absolutely no regrets”.”


About Hugh Wallace

Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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