For Fairness & Social Justice! Anne-marie Monaghan

“My reasons for voting YES are about hope and about a new kind of politics for Scotland.

Politics which is not driven by greed and personal gain. Politics which really is about a fair and just society, and where people in need are supported and not punished. Where people power matters and politicians are forced to listen and respond. Where Scotland’s resources, including the new oil well off the Hebridean Coast, which David Cameron has tried to hide until after the referendum, can be put to good use for the common wealth and where wealth is understood to be more than GDP and economics.”

A Woman's View on Independence

AnnMarieAnne-marie works as an independent consultant. She has been working in the social care and community development sector for nearly thirty years. Outside of work Anne-Marie has a love of all things sporty and the outdoor life!

Voting YES in the Scottish Referendum was something I knew I would do from the outset. It’s not that I’m a Nationalist, but if wanting to be governed by a Government I voted for in Scotland makes me a Nationalist, then maybe I am. My politics are not about national pride or Scottish identity but about fairness and social justice. And for me that means the people of Scotland being governed much closer at home with a government elected by the Scottish people.

As the relationship with the UK continues in its current form, logistically, it will never be possible to have a government that Scotland votes for. That I find difficult to accept. What…

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Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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