The currency debate: an appreciation

“Can we ‘keep’ the pound? Of course we can. Can we keep it on exactly the same basis as we have it now if we’re an independent state? That question answers itself. Will the average voter notice a blind bit of difference to the pound in their pocket? No they will not.”

My Indyref Diary

It is always nice to get recognition for your work, a seal of approval from your peers, and as a lawyer, it is very welcome when someone accuses you of honesty.

In response to an article by me published online by the Herald on 14th July (read it here), in which I conceded that the rump of the UK would likely be treated as the ‘continuator state’ of the UK in the event of independence, no less a lawyer than Scottish Tory Party Chairman, and former Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, Richard Keen QC sent a letter (in conjunction with Donald Findlay QC and assorted other unionist lawyers) to the Herald and the Scotsman welcoming my candour in respect of the continuator state debate, and calling on the Scottish Government and Yes Scotland to follow suit, suggesting that they lacked candour.

Yesterday, I discovered that my article…

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