‘Scotland’s Path To Re-Enlightenment’ by Brian Cox

I have never been one for celebrities. I am generally left pretty underwhelmed by singers, musicians and actors when they voice their opinions on subjects unconnected to their crafts and I have never felt that simply because someone was famous they were smart enough or informed enough to sway my views in any way at all. I have been particularly disappointed by hearing actors speak as themselves rather than as their characters as some of my favourite actors, extremely talented and well-known people, have come across as extremely dull and boring individuals in real life in total contrast to the energy they exhibit on screen or stage.

So I am completely disinterested in the fact that various actors, singers, authors and the like have come out either in favour of or in opposition to Scottish independence. That said, I have been aware that Brian Cox was in favour and was taking an active part in the campaign for independence and I have always liked his work and what I have seen of him as a person, so I warmly welcomed him to the cause but thought nothing more of it than that.

But I really would like to recommend you read this transcript of a speech he gave in recent days. Mr Cox is articulate (as you might expect) but he appears very well informed and completely genuine as well in his views about Scotland. Much of what he said resonates loudly with me through my own experiences of travelling away from Scotland and how this made me examine my sense of identity more strongly than I might have done had I always lived here.


About Hugh Wallace

Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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