#YesPleaseVan – Tour of Scotland

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing nearly enough for independence. So many things need to be done and often the rest of life gets in the way and I can’t help but feel I have started some of my projects – especially this blog – too late in the day to really make an impact.

But one thing I have decided to do is make myself physically prominent in my local community (Aberdeen) by wearing Yes t-shirts, badges and wrist bands (though I need another one of those as I lost mine somewhere) pretty much everywhere I go. I am also the  Proud (Scot)™ owner of a wee blue van which was just crying out to be used as a billboard for in the indy campaign. So, one set of vinyl signs later, the #YesPleaseVan was born!


I’ve chosen to highlight three of the most important (in my view) non-aligned (ie. not linked to a political party or Yes Scotland) independence websites – Wings Over Scotland, Business for Scotland and Newsnet Scotland – to help encourage the flow of information to the public. I want to point out that I was not asked to do this by the websites concerned nor have I received any funding from them. That is not to show how generous I am but to ensure than nobody can accuse any of the sites of acting in collusion with one another or spending money on campaigning that needs to be declared to the Electoral Commission.


As it happens I am taking the van on a short tour of Scotland. This week I am in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and then it is on to Fort William tomorrow with a return to Aberdeen via Aviemore next Friday. So if you happen to see me, give me a wave or come and say hello. You could also mention you saw me on Twitter with the hashtag #YesPleaseVan @HughWallace74.



About Hugh Wallace

Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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8 Responses to #YesPleaseVan – Tour of Scotland

  1. squarego says:

    Great work Hugh. May you cover many safe and productive miles in the run up to the referendum.

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  2. Sounds like you might be in Lochaber for a few days. You should come along to the Mallaig & Morar Games, on Sunday 3rd, where Yes Lochaber will have a tent; you’ll get a warm welcome. The games are held in Morar just beside the main road.


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