From Belfast to Yes

“Looking back I realise that the politically ignorant, disengaged person I arrived in Glasgow as back in 2008, is exactly what Better Together are banking on. The Unionists want as many apathetic, disengaged, confused and fearful people as possible and there still are plenty of them about.”

Scotland Unhinged


By Meadhbh Maguire – Meadhbh is a Partick-based Transport Planner. A native of West Belfast, she recently completed a Masters degree in Urban Planning in Queens University Belfast and then returned to Glasgow, where she had studied as an undergraduate. Her research interests include Soviet and post-Soviet era transport infrastructure and also the role of memorials and contested histories within the contemporary urban landscape.

When I came to Scotland from Belfast in 2008 to study, I was desperate for a change of scenery. My plan was to travel the world and Scotland was merely the first stepping stone – months before the course began I was already researching the links with foreign institutions that would enable to me undertake a year abroad and even looking at postgraduate courses further afield. I never expected to connect with Glasgow, or to come to consider it my home. The idea of taking an…

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About Hugh Wallace

Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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