Labour for Indy videos

I’ve never been a Labour voter simply because I have always been aiming for Scottish independence and the SNP was the way to get there but the old values of Labour (or is that the values of old Labour?) are essentially ones I share. So these videos don’t really speak to me but they might to you if you are inclined towards Labour.

Wee Ginger Dug

Many thanks to Tim Fraser-Granados for permission to publish these videos here.  Labour for Indy supporters talk about why they want a Yes vote in September.

1. Gary Wilson, former organiser for Better Together, speaks about his reasons for backing a Yes vote


2. Debbie Figures, organiser for the trade union Unite


3. Pat Kelly, former STUC president


4. Tommy Sheppard, former Deputy Secretary General of the Labour party


5. Q&A session: Labour after a Yes vote


6. Q&A session: The set up costs of an independent Scotland


7. Q&A session: How to best reach Labour members and can we trust Scottish Labour   


8. Q&A: How to persuade the undecideds, and getting to the real issues


9. Q&A: What would independence change for women?

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