Get canvassing!

I’ve been canvassing a couple of times and while I know there are people who think very little of its contribution to the Yes campaign, I can’t help but think that even if you half persuade one Don’t Know towards considering Yes more favourably you have done more for Scotland than all the typing on the interweb (unless you are one of the well established folks who are invaluable). If you are going out ‘on the doors’ then my leaflet might be of use to you and the people you speak to

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by David Kelly

When I was wee, I remember two people who came knocking on my mum’s door to sell things. Onion Johnny – who in those innocent days probably really did come from France – sold onions from his bicycle. And the Betterware man sold brushes from an ancient suitcase that would definitely not conform to 21st century branding standards.

Mum was always very polite, and always bought onions, and I think sometimes bought a brush as well – it’s hard to be sure.  While everyone in the house ate onions, only mum used brushes. The Betterware man “had a bad war” which is why she bought things from him, and while I have some idea what that means now – I suspect only a few people of this generation truly understand.

Now it’s my turn to knock on doors a couple of times a week…

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