EU certainty? Here’s a certainty – we can’t be expelled

“Automatic explusion from the EU is not going to happen. It’s not legally possible. You want a certainty? There’s one right there. And as well as the legal impossibility, it’s next to impossible in practical terms. The threat that Scotland will be evicted from the EU is scaremongering pure and simple. Its not going to happen. No uncertainty.

Article 50 is the only legal mechanism recognised by EU law for a state, or a newly independent part of an existing state, to leave the EU. And it was added to the EU treaty at the insistence of the UK government. They really DO know how to do irony, don’t they.”

Wee Ginger Dug

In his blog yesterday, Derek Bateman gave a link to a legal paper published this month by Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, a professor of European and Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford. In her paper, Professor Douglas-Scott examines the claims made by both sides in the referendum debate regarding Scotland’s status with respect to the EU after independence. The paper makes fascinating reading, and is a substantial and substantive contribution to the independence debate. The paper can be downloaded HERE. (pdf file)

What the paper proves beyond any reasonable doubt is that the UK Government and Better Whatever They’re Called are either lying, or are seriously misinformed, about Scotland and the EU. Whether or not they’re telling overt lies, it’s a reasonable conclusion that they want voters in Scotland to remain misinformed.

Professor Douglas-Scott believes that the EU has a legal obligation to enter into negotiations with the…

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