The Mindset of a Colony

There are those who say that Scotland is not a colony of England, and technically speaking, they are correct. But my father used to say, ‘the English practiced colonialisation on the Scots, then exported it’ and I have always believed him to be correct. The mindset of a colonised people is exactly what I see in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the mindset of the colonising people is prevalent amongst English people in positions of relative power.

I grew up in New Zealand, which everyone acknowledges as a former British colony. NZ is unique in the respect that the British signed a treaty – the Treaty of Waitangi – with the native people – the Maori – whose land they were appropriating which deemed them to have equal and parallel rights to the colonial emigrants from the UK. The fact that they promptly ignored many of the details of the treaty is not really a surprise and the Maori, a once proud and fierce warrior people were reduced to the status of second class citizens in their own lands. There is a film made exploring the effects this has had on the Maori men called ‘Once Were Warriors’ and it makes for harrowing viewing. But the parallels between the Maori and the Scots are plain to see for those who are willing to see them.

We Scots have been colonised for far, far too long. So long in fact that we forget what was done to us. Time to grow beyond our present state and become a confident and self-assured nation again!


About Hugh Wallace

Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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