The Truth Hurts!

This is a first for me; my first reblog of an article from the No side of the campaign. When I started this blog I genuinely wanted to present arguments from both sides of the referendum, and while I make no bones about being an ardent supporter of independence, I am very open to a proper airing of the arguments from both sides. Unfortunately I have not really been able to find what I consider to be reasonable arguments being expressed in favour of Scotland remaining within the Union. Not that I have managed to today either. This appeared in my Facebook feed from the site ‘Vote NO to Scottish independence and protect the union’ and is typical of the sort of article that site likes to share.

I’ll leave it to you to decide what you make of the tone and content of this article but I wanted to highlight one particular sentence;

“When EVERYONE – the media, celebrities, business leaders, political commentators, independent experts, and even leaders from around the world – disagrees with you…that’s NOT bias!”

There is one glaring word (conveniently highlighted in the original) that shows just how out of touch with reality – either through ignorance or deliberate policy – that some of the No propagandists are. Nobody, with any sense or decent level of education, can honestly believe that ‘everyone’ disagrees with the people who support independence for Scotland and this simple statement is the single best example of confirmation bias that I have ever had the misfortune to read.

Edited to add: If anyone is interested in what the ‘major employers’ think about independence, have a read of this

Yes to the UK

The start of the summer holidays is always good for bringing a smile to my face.  If that weren’t enough, though, the on-going debate about Scotland’s future has taken an unexpected turn into the realm of comedy gold!

I’m talking, of course, about the ludicrous “protest” outside of BBC Scotland over the alleged bias being shown in BBC coverage of the referendum debate.

It’s hard to find something about the whole thing that isn’t hilarious!

There’s the bit when the organisers claimed there were thousands in attendance, only to be corrected – AGAIN – by Police Scotland!

There’s the fact that there are often similar complaints of bias to be found among unionists; one of the best signs that BBC coverage is pretty much spot on in terms of balance!


But it was this nugget from the “event” organiser, more than anything, which nearly had me choking on my cornflakes:

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6 Responses to The Truth Hurts!

  1. phantombrit says:

    Thank you for your reblog and your comment, Hugh.

    I take your point about my closing remark there completely, and can only apologise. When I closed this post with:

    “When EVERYONE – the media, celebrities, business leaders, political commentators, independent experts, and even leaders from around the world – disagrees with you…that’s NOT bias!”

    I am happy to concede that I am neither willing nor able to complete the appropriate amount of research needed to confidently use the word “everyone” in the literal, every-living-soul-on-Earth sense. In fact, I’m pretty confident that if I DID do said research, I would be able to uncover some people that DO agree with you.

    You’ve caught me; my use of the word “everyone” was disgustingly misleading!


    It could be that I was exaggerating for (mostly comedic) effect; something that amateur bloggers are more than entitled to do, particularly where it doesn’t actually impact on the point being made.

    ALL of Scotland’s largest employers support Better Together. So do most of its most famous sons and daughters (you can keep Shir Sean). Practically every objective and impartial study – that’s the ones that haven’t been composed with a particular agenda in mind – are either pro-Union or neutral. I’m not aware of a SINGLE world leader that has come out in support of a split either; every single one – including the likes of the EU leadership and the President of the United States – that’s declared their view has come out for the Union!

    So no, from a strict, literal perspective, the word “everyone” doesn’t apply.

    It’s not far off, though, is it?!


  2. Hugh Wallace says:

    You want constructive comments?

    You are at it again with your use of the world ALL. You are writing complete nonsense when you claim that ALL major employers are in favour of the union; you would be correct if you claimed that several have come out in favour but those ‘several’ are nowhere near ‘most’ major employers never mind ALL.

    Beyond that, when you actually write something ‘constructive’ I will engage you in a similar manner.

    Good enough for you? Smiley face.


    • phantombrit says:

      Only just seen this, Hugh.

      If you’re going to continue quibbling over semantics, we aren’t going to get very far are we?!

      And as for your objection to my use of the phrase “ALL Scotland’s largest employers…”, I would point out that Scotland’s largest industries – financial services, oil and gas, whisky, defence and fishing – have all overwhelmingly voiced support for the UK, as have several industry bodies, such as Scottish Financial Enterprise, ICAS and the CBI. Several big companies – Standard Life, Lloyds, Stagecoach, RBS, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, for example – as well as a number of Scotland’s iconic brands, such as Mackies and Tunnocks, have also publicly commented on the benefits the UK brings.

      In fact, I’d be willing to bet that you will be unable to find a SINGLE large employer – that is, a company that operates across the UK and supports a large number of jobs (into the several thousand) – that is pro-separation!


  3. Hugh Wallace says:

    It isn’t semantics, it is the importance of ACCURATE representation of facts.

    I agree, I can’t think of any major corporations which are pro-independence but I can think of several which are completely NEUTRAL on the subject. But don’t take my word for it, read what the companies have actually said:


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