A friend of my friend

I have come to the conclusion that my political persuasion is best summed up by the word ‘confused’.

I consider myself a socialist and whenever I test myself via the Political Compass I end up somewhere on the political spectrum that makes the Greens look right wing and authoritarian. But throughout my life the people I have generally got on best with have been, at the very least, small ‘c’ conservatives if not full blown Tories. One such person is a chap I used to work with in the police (see what I mean about being confused?) who is quite possibly one of the best brains of our generation (I mean, he is almost – almost – as clever as I am 😉 ) and is, to my mind, a classic example of how Scotland’s place in the UK does not best serve the Scottish people. This friend probably won’t thank me for writing that because he appears to be a staunch defender of the Union (he and I have not discussed the issue but he was the one who – reluctantly – bigged-up George Galloway’s speech to the point where I decided to take notice and rip it apart) but a man of his intellect and specialist skills could not find work worthy of his abilities in Scotland and so has ended up, via London, selling his skills (and I hope not his soul) to one of the Middle Eastern nations who can afford his services due to being inundated with oil.

This friend has many smart and interesting friends whom I have come into brief contact with via Facebook and there are many times I have longed to get a bunch of them in a room with me so we could set the world to rights. But, alas, they are spread far and wide over the globe so there is not much chance of that happening any time soon. One such friend of my friend is Vigo Fox who shared a rather interesting video with me (and others) during a Facebook discussion we are having about Scottish independence and  I would like to recommend it to my readers. I don’t know Vigo beyond this video, nor do I know Colin Gunn (though I believe he once had a political presence in Scotland?) – and I rather suspect that I would have some fairly large difference of opinion with Gunn while agreeing with many of his ideals (see, told you I was confused) – but what both men have to say is definitely worth hearing.


About Hugh Wallace

Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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