An Emotion Foreign To Me

As someone who grew up the son, grandson, nephew and cousin of foreigners – not to mention growing up in a foreign country – Vote No Border’s latest effort grates just a little.

A Wilderness of Peace

Is that really bafflement, sadness and fear, or just general boredom? Vote No Borders didn’t bother to credit the source of this stock image (at least as of this post), so I’ve done it for them.

Much as I’d like to ignore Vote No Borders, their latest stunt has filled my heart with a wrenching sadness.

Dr Richard Marsh writes “My grandson in England, aged ten and quarter, looks utterly baffled and very sad at thought of  his Grandparents being in danger of becoming foreigners. He keeps asking “Why Grandpa?”

“Grandpa, will you and granny be foreigners?”

My aunt was born in Kenya. My cousin was born in Singapore. Several of my family members were born and live as far afield as Denmark, Canada, the United States, and beyond. I cannot imagine my feelings about my grandparents would change an iota if they were born in a different nation – why should they?

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