Crass Weirdness en de beste vrienden van Davie in Europa

“So we have the Tories to thank for this new support for Scottish membership of the EU. If they hadn’t formed an alliance in the European Parliament with the N-VA, it’s likely that no one on the Yes side of the Scottish independence debate would have gone looking for the opinions of the Tories’ new best pals in Europe.

But now we know. In order to secure his much wanted renegotiation of the UK’s terms of membership of the EU, Davie Cameron must rely upon the support of a party that’s strongly in favour of a smooth entry into the EU for an independent Scotland. That’s an even bigger screw up for the No campaign than the launch of yet another PR disaster for BBC Scotland.”

Wee Ginger Dug

Some things in life are entirely predictable – like the universal stretching of the fabric of space time which is slowly pulling apart all matter and which one day, billions of years in the future, will leave only formless disjointed particles of nothingness lost in the cold dark vastness of the cosmos; and then there’s BBC Scotland which manages the same job in about half an hour. There a wee sciencey joke for you Ken son, hope it cheers you up, because you must be sick about what your bosses have done with your programme.

I tuned into BBC Scotland’s new Crossfire programme, the replacement for the popular Headlines programe. This is the programme that Kezia Dugdale became unavailable for at the last minute, because she’s been too busy recently complaining to the Daily Mail about people being nasty to her. The Daily Mail know a lot about being nasty…

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