Why I am tearing up my Party Card

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

I don’t often stray into politics, leaving that to my far better qualified fellow traveller but the news of Labour jumping on the welfare is too easy bandwagon is so soul destroying that I feel compelled to write. I joined the Labour party the day after the last election, concerned that the debate about issues like immigration, disability and support for the most vulnerable was dominated by the harshest and most punitive voices.

It was probably bigotgate that made up my mind. I agreed 100% with Gordon Brown, the woman was a horrible bigot repeating the prejudices fed to her as if it was OK, normal, praiseworthy even, to look on those determined to be other with disdain and distaste. Everyone I knew agreed with me, and Gordon, but in the reporting of the incident our point of view was not even assumed to exist. The narrative was that it…

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About Hugh Wallace

Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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