Bring me the head of … Who?

The BBC, Spanish politicians and Scottish fish… (sounds like the plot to a very dodgy crime thriller but might be even more farcical than that).

Wee Ginger Dug

There was a wee segment on Catalonia on Scotland 2014 last night, so I watched the programme for a change, at least that part of it. And it has to be said that the piece was not as unbalanced as I feared it might have been. Mind you, that didn’t stop Sarah Smith saying that opinion in Catalonia was divided on independence like it is in Scotland. Which isn’t actually true when you look at Catalan opinion polls, which show a large majority in favour of independence. The reason the Spanish government is so determined to prevent a Catalan referendum taking place is because everyone already knows what the result will be.

In the hoary tradition of BBC neutrality, the segment featured very short sound bites from Alfred Bosch of the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, a left wing pro-independence party, Muriel Casals of the pro-independence pressure group Omnium, for the…

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