Wee Ginger Care Needs

A worthy cause if there ever was one. Also, I might add, a sad indictment of the fact that we are not Better Together if people in need of care and those who care for them are unable to make ends meet. I don’t know Paul or Andy other than through Paul’s blog and I am sure they are neither more nor less deserving than any couple who find themselves in a similar predicament. But you can only help those you can and I have chosen to help these two for no greater reason than that I have been affected by Paul’s blogs so want to give something back in return. The charity of family, friends and strangers is a wonderful thing to behold, but nobody should need to rely on it. Sadly, in Scotland today, too many people need such assistance though few will be lucky enough to receive it.

Wee Ginger Dug

I’ve registered a crowd funding campaign with Indiegogo.  At the moment it is set up to accept donations by credit card only. I am trying to add an option to donate by Paypal.


Wings Over Scotland have very kindly offered to receive any postal donations by cheque, postal order or cash and to forward them to us when the fundraising period is over.  Please make any cheques or postal orders payable to Andrew Kavanagh-Mosson, and send them to the following address:

Wee Ginger Care Fund, C/O Wings Over Scotland, Suite 55, 196 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AT

Please note that any donations made by post will not figure in the Indiegogo totals.

The purpose of this fund raiser is not to raise money for the independence campaign, but to help pay for additional care and support services for my partner Andy, who suffers from vascular dementia.

Thank you for your…

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