Voting NO Ros Gee

Vote No… 😉

A Woman's View on Independence

RosRos is originally from Malta and has been living in Scotland for almost 10 years.

Well that certainly got your attention, didn’t it?

On 18th September, I will be voting NO:

NO austerity
NO welfare cuts
NO To a minimum wage that is not a living wage
NO To a pensionable age of 70
NO To being at the mercy of a Westminster parliament I did not elect
NO To discrimination against the poor, the disabled, the unemployed
NO To the necessity of foodbanks
NO To sending our children to die in manufactured wars
NO To hosting trident
NO To the running down of our national health service
NO To university tuition fees
NO To leaving the EU
NO To unfairness
NO To letting our oil be siphoned away

It’s not quite 100 years since a male parliament finally gave women the right to vote. In the land of my…

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About Hugh Wallace

Soldier, sailor, policeman, engineer, scientist, democrat, socialist, environmentalist, advocate of Scottish Independence
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