My #100days pledge

I only hope I can, in my own way, match this level of commitment, because I know I’ll not be able to beat it.

I had a conversation on Twitter last night with an old chap last night who was (possibly quite rightly) berating elected officials from the Yes campaign for not being visible enough in the streets and meeting halls and accused them of relying on delivering leaflets rather than talking to people. He may well have a point (though I was out yesterday with two councillors and two MSPs speaking to people in Aberdeen, so some are doing the footwork) but I also think we all need to be going out there and making this thing happen. If we want a Yes vote in September, we cannot rely on the politicians to deliver it for us, we need to be out there doing the work ourselves. A Yes vote is not a ‘reward’ for a political party but a necessity for all residents of Scotland.

Most of us cannot match the commitment outlined in this post; most of us may not even be able to get out and attend one public meeting or support our local Yes stall, but we can all get out there and speak to our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. We have to accept that some people will not want to have the conversation and we have to respect that and move on the next person, because they might. We can wear a Yes badge and prompt people to ask us about it. It might be a bit scary at first but we will get over that.

But if we all, each and every one of us, do our bit and convince one No or Undecided person to vote Yes, we will win this thing. Be Proud to be Out for Yes!

A Burdz Eye View

So, dear blog, it’s been a while.  What can I say?  It’s been a bit busy recently.

As ever, I’m arriving fashionably late to the party.  The #100daystogo milestone has been and gone. But only if you subscribe to the fact that 101 days actually equals 100.

What have I been up to?  This and that.  Public meetings. Edinburgh Women for Independence stuff. Politics but not how I or you might know it. Writing (just not here). And talking, aye talking.

To groups, to individuals, to colleagues, to friends, to neighbours and even to strangers.  And all about the same thing.  It’s as though Scotland has emerged from a centuries old vow of silence and now that the nation has found its voice, it can’t stop.  Conversations are happening everywhere, all of the time and mostly about the same, singular thing.  The referendum.

It’s one hundred days to go until…

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