Introducing John Jappy

I’ve mentioned John Jappy several times in previous articles, but I would like to take time to highlight the man a little further.

Mr Jappy is a former senior civil servant who has seen the Treasury’s ‘books’ as far back as 1968 (before North Sea oil was even discovered) and knows better than any of us just how significant Scotland’s financial position is within the UK and how good our finances will be in the event of us voting for independence in September.

His blog ‘autobiography’ reads:

“After completing ‘Highers’ in school, I joined the Civil Service in Inverness in the Accountant and Comptroller General’s Branch. Several quick promotions took me to the Head Office in London, and further promotions to the General Accounting Division, with links to the Treasury. This involved me in the preparation of National Budgets. I also was entrusted to handle the most confidential investment papers of Her Majesty the Queen and personally repaid to her the income tax deducted on these investments, which at that time the Monarch was not required to pay. It was whilst working on Government finance that I became aware of the appalling waste of resources on weapons of mass destruction, which could never be used without causing the end of civilisation. On retiring from the Civil Service I joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), originally serving as Liaison Officer of the Highland Federation of twenty-two CND Groups. I was then elected National Convener of the Scottish Campaigns’ Committee and served as a member of the Scottish National Executive. I am currently Vice President of Scottish CND.”

John Jappy

He has been blogging since 2011 and I think this was about the time I first heard of him, though not by name at that point. It just so happens that Mr Jappy is a neighbour of my mother’s (that’s not an endorsement, by the way, merely an observation about the degrees of separation between him and me) and I remember her mentioning this ‘retired Treasury official’ who was speaking out about Scotland’s contribution to the UK but it was only on reading his article on Wings Over Scotland earlier this year that I put two and two together. He has also featured on Newsnet Scotland and elsewhere  I am sure. I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to attempt to share his writing further.

Mr Jappy has written several excellent articles on his own blog site (or more accurately, blog sites as he appears to have, by accident or design, created a new blog page for each article rather than one page with several articles as is more commonly done) but, in the aid of easing comprehension, I have listed them separately by main topic.

But for those of you who are more audio-visually orientated he has produced three short videos clips of him discussing the issues (they are all included within his blogs but you can find them separately on Clan Destiny’s YouTube page (Hiding The Truth; Scotland’s Oil; Politician’s Quotes)or my own Videos Worth Watching page (scroll down to midway).


Scottish independence & the economy

These I consider essential reading to help one understand the implications of things like interest rates, currency union, national debt, the housing boom and quantitive easing. As I have written before, if you are intending to vote in September, your really should have a grasp of these issues before doing so.

Mark Carney is having some sleepless nights (30/5/14)

GERS Report 2012-13: How much can the figures be relied on? (original 25/3/14)

Financial Times – An Independent Scotland will be better off from Day 1 (original 11/3/14)

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts (original 20/2/14)

BBC accused of “Bias by silence!” (original 19/2/14)

Currency Union – What did the Governor of the Bank of England actually say? (original 12/2/14)

Scotland’s Oil – The Truth (original 9/2/14)

First Minister’s response to Treasury dilemma of guaranteeing debts. (5/2/14)

Why every Labour voter must vote ‘Yes’ for Independence (original 3/2/14)

Lifting the lid on the National Debt (original 18/12/13)

How Labour hid from the Scots the amount of oil in the North Sea (original 11/10/13)

With Independence everyone in Scotland will be £824 better off (original 10/10/13)

Can an Independent Scotland stand on its own two feet? (original 18/7/13)

Scottish Independence: Your questions answered (19/8/13)

How did the UK get into the current financial mess? (24/7/13)


Politics in general

Even the Tories admit – Etonians are running the Westminster system (11/3/14)

Afghanistan – War without end? (4/8/09)


Electricity & nuclear power & nuclear waste

These topics are relevant to the independence debate (as all things are) but are a side issue to main idea. But if you are going to hold a view on nuclear power generation if would behove you well to understand the implications of this form of power generation, and these articles are not a bad place to start examining the topic.

This winter the lights may go out (22-10-13) (an examination of electrical generation in the UK, not just nuclear)

Radioactive materials to be transported by train the full length of Scotland (19/9/13)

Nuclear Power – the case against (20/7/13)

Chernobyl and Fukushima – Nuclear’s final insults (20/7/13)

Nuclear Waste – know the facts (20/7/13)


Nuclear weapons

If you already hold the view that WMDs should have no place in Scotland (or the UK for that matter) then you can probably skip these articles as they won’t sway your opinion. But if you haven’t considered the issues in any great depth before, they are an excellent place to start.

Why in the world do we need Trident? (original 20/7/13)

Britain’s secret Nuclear Weapon store (20/7/13)

Some facts about Nuclear Weapons that you should know (20/7/13)

Nuclear Submarines – Do Scots lives come cheaper? (20/7/13)

Nuclear Waste – the forgotten issue (20/7/13)

Secrets of the Cold War (20/7/13) (a scary article showing how close the world has come to nuclear devastation on several occasions)


Mr Jappy can also be found on Twitter @JohnJappy (as can I, @HughWallace74)


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