Playing fast and loose with your (mental) health

Several days ago I wrote about the Vote No Borders advert which claimed that an independent Scotland would not be able to enjoy cooperation with the NHS in England. The advert specifically mentioned Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the UK’s (no, the world’s) leading children’s hospitals. Clearly this was designed to appeal to one of our greatest fears, namely ‘what happens if my child gets sick’. Some might call that sort of scaremongering despicable…

Anyway, it appears that GOSH were unaware of content of the advert before it was screened and, on being alerted to that fact that it had been, complained to Vote No Borders who have removed their advert from public view. I wonder if VNB will issue any word of apology?

Screenshot (39)


Edited to add: VNB’s ‘apology’ reads as follows.  Malcolm Offord, the businessman behind the Vote No Borders campaign – which acts independently of the lead No campaign Better Together, said: “We are painting a picture of an uncertain world. In the same way that the Yes campaign can’t answer questions around pensions, the currency and the EU, there is uncertainty around health care.” So that’s all right then.



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