Don’t Panic Scotland

Some interesting thoughts on the rise of UKIP which match many of my own.


One UKIP MEP does not a victory make

ImageOkay, so David Coburn, main candidate in Scotland of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has been elected as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Scotland, replacing the Lib-Dems only Scottish MEP, George Lyon.  But before we start panicking, let us get things into perspective.

For a start, UKIP’s win was on a knife edge.  Overall they gained only 3% of the total Scottish vote.  As Scottish National Party (SNP) First Minister Alex Salmond has stated, they have actually come fourth in Scotland, with only around a third of the vote they have in Scotland.

The SNP were the real winners.  While they failed to gain a third MEP, the SNP was considerably up.  The SNP won 386,193 votes on the night – almost 29% – with Labour coming second, on 346,377 votes (25.9%).  In third place was the Conservatives…

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