Voting none of the above

English council election results for you to ruminate over. And once you have read this article, please read everything the Wee Ginger Dug has to offer. Just bear in mind that drinking coffee or tea while doing so may endanger your keyboard!

Wee Ginger Dug

Here’s the summarised results of the English cooncil elections, to save you reading through acres of coverage. Labour is screwed, the Tories are screwed, the Lib Dems are totally screwed, and UKIP’s screwing everyone.

Despite Ed Miliband’s glum face, which to be honest is hard to distinguish from his happy face, Labour actually won the cooncil elections – they gained the greatest number of seats and topped the poll in terms of the percentage of the total vote they picked up. But Labour even managed to turn that into a defeat.

The problem is they were starting from a very low baseline. Think of the belly of a snake, then dig downwards until you get to the special corner in the basement of Hell reserved for Tony Blair, that low. They’re the student who hadn’t even achieved an F in the exam they needed an A for to get into…

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