The voice from Easterhouse and the voice from London

And while we are on the subject of Labour and its performance in the English council elections (see ‘Voting None of the Above’), take a read of this post as well. What is poorly understood by the Scottish electorate, in fact the electorates of the UK as a whole, is that there are in fact a very small number of people (tens, perhaps a couple of hundred, of thousand) who essentially decide the outcome of all General Elections to Westminster. These are the ‘middle England’ we see mentioned in the media, the ‘swing voters’ who change their political allegiances as often as they change their cars. None, I repeat, none of the Westminster parties really have to care about what the people in Scotland want because our population is outnumbered by a small handful of the English counties where ‘middle England’ reside.

Wee Ginger Dug

WordPress has been acting up for me all Tuesday. For some odd reason, I am unable to access any WordPress site using Internet Explorer. I hate Windows 8. Everything works fine on the desktop, which runs on Windows 7. And it all works on the laptop when I use Chrome. Firefox works on the laptop too, although it doesn’t display the banner image. It’s all very peculiar, and I’ve already wasted several hours trying to fix it. I’ve given up now. Life is too short.

There’s a great article in Tuesday’s Guardian – no really. They’ve actually gone and published something positive about Scottish independence. It’s a wee sop to distract from the shocking pro-unionist bias which characterises the rest of their reporting. There were a number of articles about Scottish independence in Tuesday’s issue, all were unremittingly negative, with the exception of a piece by the respected Labour party…

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