The manicured lawn

One of the key voices campaigning for Scotland to remain within the Union is Vote No Borders which launched with a BBC fanfare early in May. They called themselves a ‘grassroots’ campaign and tried to convey the impression that they had risen spontaneously to show that ordinary Scots were actively campaigning for the No side and it wasn’t all just down to political parties or the official Better Together organisation (which has direct links to the three main political parties; Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour). [Let me just make it clear, all the polls so far suggest that over 40% of Scots are in support of the Union so there is no reason to suggest that there is no ‘grassroots’ support for the Union, just that VNB is not it. Though outside of Better Together, it would appear there are very few boots on the ground.]

If you have been to the cinema in recent days you may be familiar with VNB;  they are the ones responsible for the fantastic adverts explaining the problems with Scottish passports.

Likewise, if you buy the Daily Record you might have seen these adverts as well. (This article might provide some context to the adverts.)

It didn’t take long to establish that VNB is a fake grassroots campaign and within the Yes campaign it is now generally referred to as an ‘astroturf’ organisation.

I am not going to repeat the story of others’ investigations but I would like you to be able to read the articles I found so please follow the links below for some detailed investigations into just who and what VNB really are.

Then, once you have done that, please ask yourself why the BBC did not carry out any investigation into this organisation before broadcasting in the region of 160 minutes about this organisation on TV news. If they did, and still broadcast the piece, that puts the BBC in an even worse place if they wish to claim they are impartial as their Charter says they must.

And then ask yourself why none of the other mainstream media, newspaper or TV, appear to have investigated who VNB are either, or if they did, why they didn’t publish their findings.

Read on folks…

I will leave you with this; VNB are no grassroots campaign and I don’t think calling them ‘astroturf’ quite cuts it either. I think of them more as a manicured lawn, the sort you find gracing the best of homes, the sort that very, very few of us will ever have the pleasure of visiting, never mind owning.

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