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The independence train to better transport

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:
Derek Bateman has been having a wee bit of a moan today about the general crappiness of Scottish public transport. He makes some very good points, public transport in the United Kingdom still suffers…

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Sickening, sickening, sickening

I have no words after reading this. None. Everyone, please share this wide and far.

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(Vote) No ship building on the Clyde

As a former marine engineer in the once proud but now much diminished British Merchant Navy who has worked on several excellent Norwegian built ships, I often wondered why one of the most expensive countries in the world could build … Continue reading

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Westminster and the 400 year “Better Together” Deception.

There is, of course, a whole lot more the UK and Scottish history than outlined in this post, but next time someone waxes lyrical about the great history of Great Britain (especially if they invoke the glory days of Empire) … Continue reading

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A passport to a positive future

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:
Have you got an annoying relative? We all have relatives whose politics are an embarrassment. I’ve got a relative who’s a No voter. His case for a No vote is based on swallowing Better…

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With a Song in our Hearts

A consideration for all of us who inhabit the online cybernat world where all things appear Yes-tinted. Many, many people do not read these blogs of ours (even mine, the fools) so we need to engage with them to offer … Continue reading

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Could we? Should we?

A part of me thinks there needs to be two question on the ballot papers on 18th September. No, not the one about Devo Max but this one: “Could Scotland become an independent country?”. And, if your answer to this … Continue reading

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