“What Part of “No” Dont You Understand?”

A Wilderness of Peace


I generally don’t bother with The Telegraph, or most newspapers in general. I might make an exception in future regarding the Greenock Telegraph due to it being Inverclyde’s local paper, but in general, I’ve forsaken the printed media as surely as I’ve decided to turn my back on visual media.

That said, this piece in The Telegraph inspired me to comment on a phenomenon I’ve noticed: this weird idea that because the referendum resulted in a No vote, pro-independence supporters should just stop campaigning for independence.

Ever since the Scottish Nationalists lost the independence referendum they have had trouble coming to terms with the fact that they lost the independence referendum (you need to keep saying it and eventually it might get through). From the moment the result was announced, humourless SNP politicians and some Yes voters north of the border have been searching for ways in which they…

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

A Wilderness of Peace


Two weeks on. This may be the last post I make for a while. I cannot say how long it will be until I return: I still need a few days to collect myself after all that’s happened over the past two years of my life. It’s been the proverbial roller-coaster of ups and downs. I think I’ll be taking a break from life in general. Read some books. Draw. Finish Bannockburn– lord knows if anything needs finished, it’s that. Play video games. I can’t remember the last time I played Skyrim.

But before I leave, I would like to impart my experiences of the 18th and the early hours of the 19th of September, 2014, as I saw them.

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From Clacton with Hate

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Did the Scottish cringe impact the Indyref?

My Journey to Independence


Warning, the following article may be difficult reading for many Scots.
It’s not meant to be offensive just an observation from an outsider, who loves this country but is still deeply perplexed by her native citizens.

It’s now been nearly 3 weeks since the historic Scottish independence referendum. The day, 18 September 2014, when from the hours of 7:00am-10:00pm, Scotland was a sovereign nation. The eyes of the entire world were on this small country of 5.5 million people. Would they do it? Become the next independent nation on earth?

What the hell happened? I mean, why would you vote against governing yourself? Having all the decisions about what’s best for your country made here in Scotland. As an American it seemed a no brainier. I just didn’t understand.

But then I realised it was an inferiority complex at play here. Now I’m not saying every…

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Labour, wonga puppets, and the moral high ground

British Labour in Scotland has less of a social conscience than a pay day loan company.

We live in a universe where the puppets in the Wonga advert can lecture Labour from the moral high ground.

Wee Ginger Dug

So it’s a final farewell to the poll tax. Well, I say “farewell”, when “consigned to the bin where it always belonged” is more appropriate. The Scottish Government has announced that local authorities can no longer chase up people for outstanding poll tax debts, debts which date back 25 years. It’s a wee ha ha get it up yese from a departing Alicsammin to the British Labour cooncillors who were rumoured to have been heard licking their lips as they relished the prospect of punishing the poor who had turned against them.

Labour cooncils are beelin, because they had decided to use the increased voter registration in order to penalise people who registered in order to vote in the referendum, despite the fact that everyone, their granny, their granny’s dug, and even their granny’s dug’s British Labour cooncillor, agrees that the poll tax was malign, unwanted, and unjust. It’s better…

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A Way Forward

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